Goats Discover Farmer’s Trampoline, Hilarity Ensues


We love a good animal video just as much as the next guy, but there’s no disputing the fact that goats seem to own the Internet for their wild antics and hilarious, up-to-no-good silliness.

For some reason, these goofy farm animals are just about the most mischievous animals milling about the farmyard. And when they get into something they shouldn’t have? And it’s caught on film? It’s the best.

Take, for example, two goats by some extraordinary measure of acrobatics manage to mount and teeter on top of a horse’s back. And if you’ve never seen a group of goats playing musical chairs with some upright logs, you’re in for a treat.

The goats below are yet another example of the ceaseless shenanigans of some of the animal kingdom’s clumsiest and most curious cuties. In the video, a farm owner stumbles upon a circus of goats who’ve discovered, through some hard investigation, that they can mount the farmer’s trampoline by way of the vehicle parked next to it. Why hop around on the boring old ground when you’ve discovered that you can free fall and fly right back up again on a giant mounted platform? A goat’s utopia, I’d say.

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