“Godmother Of Rock And Roll” Sister Rosetta Tharpe Performs “This Train”


Sister Rosetta Tharpe knew how to play an audience about as perfectly as she knew how to play a guitar. Back in the early days of rock and roll, this iconic legend of pure Americana managed to inspire countless singers, songwriters, rock and rollers, and poets.

Leading up to the musical explosion of the late ’60s, this woman will forever be etched as the “Godmother of Rock and Roll,” and after watching this amazing clip, you’ll see exactly why she’s earned that title.

Passionately belting out the well known gospel song “This Train Is Bound for Glory,” Tharpe keeps her unaccustomed audience enthralled; even if they’re unwilling to stand and sway to the beat, you can tell by their reactions that they’re all thoroughly enjoying the performance.

Watching Tharpe in this breathtaking video will show you her raw talent and performing abilities. Showing wild faces in response to her own lyrics, and drenched in sweat, she shows us how this train, while slow, is unstoppable and will never slow in its never-ending forward momentum.

Looking up to God, she gives glory to Him before continuing her song and singing her piece. While the song itself is slow, you can hear the very early stages of “rock and roll” clearly in this clip, and you can directly feel her influence on what the future has in store for music.

This amazing video clip is well worth the watch, if anything just to see this woman’s amazing faces! Just wait for the 3:45 mark for a perfect example of her amazing sense of humor and stage presence.

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