Golden Retriever cares for baby like a mother and Melts Hearts


I don’t understand how much this dog does for a little girl.

Stop what you are doing right now. These two will surely melt your tired heart, put a smile on your face, and make you play over and over again.

Golden Retrievers are really beautiful dogs (all of them) and for some reason have become one of my favorite pet breeds. Just look at this dog and his little man.

This cute little dog looks like a little girl!

He is a heck of a babysitter alright. This golden boy stays by her side wherever she goes without being too intrusive or overprotective. He puts a protective paw on her as she looks out a window!


And it doesn’t matter at all.

When this sweet little girl decided to go to the bathroom to brush her teeth, Captain Kanin took a step towards the sink. Once again, he offers her a leg for safety!

Best of all, he goes for the blanket and throws it over the little girl.

The little man falls asleep and puts his paws on his head. It’s unclear why now, but he’s probably just checking to see if she’s asleep. Maybe this is a way to give him love.

Like his faithful guardian, this precious dog is always with him while her sleeps. He may be kind and gentle, but I feel like he will laugh at anyone who approaches him.

Let’s go for a walk now!

Watch the video below and get ready to melt your heart!
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