Golden Retriever Happily Stopped A Cat Fight


A few years ago, a video of us fighting with two cats went viral.

However, the cute golden retriever stopped the cat fight, and the whole adventure soon ended when he laughed himself.

The video, in which the author catches two cats during an “oral” fight, has already become a real success on the Internet – to date, the video has gained almost 18 million viewers on YouTube, and the benefits of a unique response belong to the golden retriever. …

Due to the skillful movement of the dog, the cats were not allowed to hit each other, and at first they grabbed one of them by the collar and separated it from the other. He later reassured the cats not to fight.

Watch a cute video of the Golden Retriever avoiding a street fight between two cats and making them laugh a lot with his funny moves. A video that instantly brightens your day!



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