Grandma Doesn’t Have To Go To The Nursing Home — These Cottages Are The Perfect Alternative


We all know that with age comes experience and wisdom, and some days when you can really use some assistance with the things that you do on a day-to-day basis. Parents and grandparents like to live independently, knowing that they’re able to help themselves as they always have been. But, sometimes it’s important to stay close to your loved ones, as you age so that you have someone to call for help if you ever need it.

Not a lot of people like to ask for that kind of help because it takes away from their credibility, but we have to remember that family is there for you in times of need. Although it is ideal to think that grandparents and aging parents can live right with you in your home, sometimes these things aren’t possible. Everyone wants their privacy and personal space and living in a joint family, this isn’t always possible.

So, what is the solution to ensuring your grandparents are getting all the care they need, while they also maintain their privacy and independence? A company in Virginia, called N2Care, may have the perfect answer to that question: The MEDCottage.

This little home ensures that you’re able to keep your parents and grandparents right at home without having them compromise their lifestyle, and without having to take them to a nursing home. They can be amongst their family in this phase of life.

How do these cottages work? It’s like living with your family in the same house but a separate wing. You can get one of these cottages placed right in your backyard and make gran feel right at home. On a day that she wants to join everyone for dinner, all she needs to do is cross the yard and come right in. The beauty of the MEDCottage is that it accommodates everyone’s needs. Gran can have all the privacy she needs while still being close to her family, and her kids and grandkids don’t need to travel from one city to another to meet her. It seems like a win-win situation for everyone involved.

This cottage comes as a fully-equipped home and passes all safety standards and features. There are cameras installed in the unit as well. They don’t invade any privacy and are set up at an angle that caregivers can see that gran is safe at home, just in case they need to check up on her.

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