Grandmother Saves 3-Year-Old Grandson From Drowning


Police officer Tina Taylor and her family were gathered around this pool at a Pasadena home when her three-year-old grandson slipped and fell into the pool. Her training and instincts kicked in, and she jumped in to save the boy.

“The craziness about it is we are all aware of pool safety, as an officer I teach pool safety,” Taylor told KHOU.

The boy’s grandson gave him CPR as the family prayed for a miracle!

“He was blue, a rag doll, he was unconscious,” said his mother. “I heard screaming, I ran out and they were pulling him out of the water.”

Finally, Taylor heard  him take a breath. The boy was taken to the hospital and is doing fine.

According to Safe Kids Worldwide, “Swimming pools are the most common site for a drowning to occur for children ages 1 to 4.” Thankfully, parents (and grandparents) can play a key role in protecting children from drowning. Even if there are adults watching the kids, accidents happen quickly. If the pool isn’t fenced off, the child should be wearing a life jacket. It’s also important to know how to perform CPR — because every second counts!

The grandmother in this story refuses to be called a hero though, saying she did what anyone would do.

“I am not a hero, I’m not that’s not how that happened. This is God, I’m a tool for God in that situation and that’s wonderful,” said Taylor.

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