This Great-Granny’s Ad Was BANNED From Super Bowl Sunday! Why? I’m Dying!


This Super Bowl Sunday, expect to see a ton of awesome new commercials from the usual advertisers…

But have you ever wondered about the ads that didn’t make the cut? I’m a huge fan of banned commercials. If you have a few minutes, check out this unseen Bud Light ad and then this too-hot-for-TV Toyota ad. Some of the all-time best commercials never even make it to our TV screens!

That’s where the following hysterical video comes in.Doritos always has a big presence at the Super Bowl, and for this year’s big game, they decided to shine the spotlight on an unknown filmmaker with a commercial contest.

While we are not sure who won yet — you have to wait until Super Bowl Sunday to see — this next video came pretty close…and it has me in stitches!

In this video, 96-year-old Rose Gutentag is caught in a compromising position when her husband gets home, but the reason he gets mad is NOT what you expect.

I can’t stop laughing…everyone deserves to see this! Please SHARE with all of your friends on Facebook!




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