Groom Receives A Tear-Jerking Message From Mother Who Couldn’t Be At Wedding


Watching this groom receive his wedding surprise was one of the most touching moments I’ve ever witnessed. He’s standing by his beautiful bride as members of the wedding party finish their speeches. Little does he know, they’re about to announce a surprise message the groom has no idea about. The second the groom recognizes his mother’s voice over the speakers, he dissolves into tears. According to this video’s YouTube description, his mother could not make it to the wedding. I don’t know why his mother couldn’t be there, but the message she sends in her place is beyond beautiful.

The mother says: Hello! Congratulations my son. It’s your mother sending you my blessings. May God Bless your marriage & God willing, soon we’ll be together, my heart of my life. I’m happy and also in the hands of your grandmother who loves you very very much as well.

Weddings are emotional days for everyone.  we never get tired of watching the breathtaking moments that transpire on a couple’s big day. Watching this video definitely had the office tearing up. We hope you enjoy this heartwarming glimpse into the bride and groom’s special day just as much as we did. Don’t forget to tell us what you think in the comments below after watching!


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