Groom’s Waiting For His Bride To Arrive, Watch His Face When He Turns Around


You will never forget the day you marry your best friend. After all, there is nothing more beautiful than making a commitment to spend the rest of your life with the person most true to your heart. This is exactly how one couple named Tyson and Hayley feel about their wedding day. Yet, they actually take the idea one step further – and will never forget the moment Tyson saw his bride in her wedding dress for the first time. Fortunately for us, they shared this special moment with the rest of the world.

As their special day was approaching, the couple had talked about all of the details of their wedding (including Hayley’s wedding dress). However, keeping traditions alive – they decided to wait until the event for Tyson to actually see it. Instead of waiting until the actual ceremony to see his lovely bride, Tyson and Hayley opted to do a “first look.” This is a new trend in which the groom gets to meet with his wife moments before walking down the aisle! The reactions a “first look” produces are as powerful as they are moving – and this couple’s interaction is no different!

In the video below, we watch as the two finally arrive at the place where they will make their vows. Tyson stands upon a tall flight of stairs waiting for his bride. Then, she finally reaches him – and he turns around. Within an instant, you can see the meaning of the moment hitting Tyson as he struggles to hold back tears! Hayley is a gorgeous bride and Tyson realizes how lucky he is to have her by his side! This is a memorable clip that everyone should see. You can tell by the look in their eyes that they are soulmates! Oh, to be young and in love!



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