Group Of Firefighters Jump Into Dirty Storm Drain To Save Cat In Need


Ateam of Delaware firemen received a desperate call Friday morning. A local woman’s cat had gone missing; she had somehow jumped out of her home and ran free into the neighborhood. Startled by the zooming cars all on their way to work, this poor feline ducked into the seeming safety of a dark storm drain.

The poor cat wasn’t used to being outside in the elements; usually comfortable with being in the warmth and coziness of the inside of her house, this little fluff-ball was terrified as she began to meow for help in the dirty storm drain.

But luckily, someone heard those cries for help, and though they were unable to help the cat right away, they knew just whom to call: the fire department!

Firefighters have always had a tendency to save the lives of countless cats over the years. Whether they are stuck up in trees, trapped in a burning inferno, or stuck down below in a storm drain, the brave souls who fight fires have other jobs to help their communities as well.

So when the truck rolled up and saw what was wrong, they instantly knew what had to be done. They quickly took apart the storm drain, one brave fireman jumped in, and they got that poor cat out of her harrowing situation. Her terrified owner snatched her up and brought her right back inside where she belongs!

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