Guests Surprised When Father Interrupts Bride And Groom’s First Dance


Nicole and Kyle Kuchenbecker are a quintessential modern couple. While holding onto classic wedding traditions for their big day, they also wanted the day to be filled with fun and laughter. During preparations for the wedding, Nicole and her friend Kailey Purpur were also busy choreographing a wedding reception surprise dance.

According to About Style, traditional wedding dance etiquette dictates that following the introduction of the wedding party, the bride and groom share their first dance, followed by the bride’s dance with her father and the groom’s dance with his mother. The song selection for this portion of the ceremony tends toward slow romantic ballads, but many recent newlywed couples have opted for fun swing-era songs or modern pop hits. This newlywed couple took the wedding dance tradition one step further.

In the video shown below, Nicole and Kyle dance to MKTO’s “Classic” in a fun performance that has their guests clapping and howling for more. Then, in the middle of the routine, Kyle gets a tap on the shoulder from none other than Nicole’s dad. Stepping in for a fun-filled father-daughter moment, Nicole makes it clear that Daddy will always be a part of her life. What a beautiful surprise gift for the wedding guests and a wonderful way to celebrate their wedding day.

Although the wedding videographer, JKS Productions, uploaded the video to YouTube and Facebook just this past March, the clip has already gotten over 7 million views on YouTube and more than 10,000 Facebook views. The comments are full of cheers, congratulations and accolades for the energy and love that can be seen in the short dance video, though there are also a few who note that they prefer classic ballroom dances. To be clear, Nicole did have a traditional full-length wedding gown with train, and the happy couple also shared a romantic slow-dance alone on the ballroom floor that can be seen in their full wedding video. This routine, however, was the highlight of the reception.



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