Guide Dog Owners Find True Love Through Their 2 Dogs


Here’s a love story like you’ve never seen before!

In the first episode of ITV’s “Me and My Guide Dog,” we meet guide dog owners Mark and Claire who have an incredible tale to tell.

Mark and Claire both had guide dogs. They and their dogs were enrolled in a 10-day residential training program all dogs must complete in order to become certified. While taking the same course, Claire’s Golden Retriever Venice would see Mark’s Golden Retriever Rod and would always pull towards him, and him towards her. The program trainers called Rod and Venice’s relationship a canine love story.

As the two pups would romp and play together during class, Mark and Claire would talk casually. As it turned out, they lived a mile away from each other for years and had no idea. Their dogs got along so well that Mark and Claire decided to swap phone numbers. After the training course was over, the two owners and their two pups continued to spend time together. Low and behold, Rod and Venice weren’t the only happy couple; Mark and Claire eventually fell in love. Guide dogs provide their humans with care, compassion, and company — who knew they also make the perfect matchmakers?!

In the video below, watch the touching moment Mark proposed to Claire at the restaurant where they had their first date. “I will marry you, provided… don’t ever change,” she says. And as if that’s not enough of a tear-jerking moment, the camera pans down under the dining to reveal Rod and Venice, who couldn’t be happier with their fairytale ending — they’re officially family :)

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