Guinness World Records Crowns Milly The Chihuahua The ‘World’s Smallest Dog’


It’s not easy to get yourself crowned “World’s Smallest Dog,” but little Milly, who lives with her owners in San Juan, Puerto Rico, has definitely earned the title.

The minuscule Chihuahua has been officially recognized by the Guinness World Records as the smallest adult dog in the world. While we’ve definitely seen a handful of puppies that are smaller, like teeny-tiny survivor Beyonce, most of them grow up to be much bigger than little Milly.

While Chihuahuas are among the tiniest dog breeds of the world, Milly is an outlier even among her tiny brethren. You can see that her canine sibling probably outweighs her by at least a few pounds; the average Chihuahua weighs between four and six pounds, and stands six to 10 inches tall.

Weighing in at just one pound, 4-year-old Milly is a survival story in her own right. She was so tiny at birth that her owners Vanesa Semler and Edwin Davila had to feed her by hand with a syringe for the first six months of her life, just like this miniature baby badger.

But today, Milly’s owners say that the four-inch tall pooch is just like any other dog. She runs around, she plays with her fan club, and she even puts on fashion shows in her vast collection of puppy finery. Learn more about this pint-size diva below!

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