This Guy Just Hiked The Appalachian Trail. His Before And After Pictures Are Crazy.


For the past 5 months, former Marine Gary Sizer made his way up the Appalachian Trail, which runs from Georgia to Maine.

This week, Sizer posted pictures of himself on Reddit before starting his journey and after completing it. He doesn’t even look like the same person.



Here is Gary Sizer in all his glory before and after his adventure.


Sizer says he burned between 5,000 and 6,000 calories a day on the trail. He ate throughout the day while hiking because of the exercise.

The real treats were days where he was “zeroing.” That is, hiking zero miles. On those days, he binged on pretty much any and all unhealthy, fatty foods that he could get his hands on. Sizer described his nutrition during the trip as a “five month cycle between starvation and binge eating.”

H/T: Reddit

That is one heck of an exercise program. Good on Gary for sticking to it and completing the adventure of a lifetime. Maybe I’ll start hiking instead of going to the gym…



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