This Guy Saw A Bee And Thought Nothing Of It… Then He Looked Outside. And It Was TERRIFYING.


When Redditor jacklikecrazy92 found a bee crawling on his windowsill, he captured it with a plastic container and let it go outside. Thinking nothing of the rescue, he continued to go about the rest of his day as usual. That is, until he looked through a window on the other side of his South Shields, England home and saw that the sky above his street was teeming with buzzing bees. The seemingly harmless insect he had returned to the outdoors was actually one of thousands that were in the process of invading his neighborhood.

Check out what it looks like when a swarm of bees tries to take over your house!

Despite their apparent desire to take over his home and turn it into a hive of their own, jacklikecrazy92 isn’t holding any grudges against the insects. Instead of fighting back–armed with nothing but a tennis racket, as some have foolishly suggested–he’s content to wait for the beekeeper to come and hold off on ordering a pizza until tomorrow.

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