Handyman demonstrates how to repair a sticking door


Your honey-do list is about to get one item shorter.

Home repair can quickly devolve into costly headaches and week-long nightmares, but that doesn’t have to be the case for one of the most commonly overlooked problems in our homes: the dreaded sticking door. Wedging that stubborn door into its frame only to yank it back out is an all-too-familiar feeling that is easy to forget about on a daily basis.

That is until the very next time you try to open or close the door.

Donald Spencer, author of the eBook “Door Trix – To Get Them Fixed,”gives an informative step-by-step tutorial on how to properly repair the doors in your home. Following his wisdom, he’ll have you opening and closing the doors in your home with ease again.

Those who would rather eschew the minimal manual labor that Spencer’s door repair method requires, and instead hire a professional to hang a new door, just know that it will come at a cost. According to homeadvisor.com, the average homeowner will spend between $502 and $1,343 to install a new door in 2015.

Spencer doesn’t use flash or gimmicks, just a bare-bones need-to-know instruction guide to finally repair that sticking door that’s been driving you crazy for months. The only tools Spencer uses are a hammer, a pair of diagonal cutters, a crescent wrench, and a few small scraps of plywood.

Before going through his full-blown fix, he gives a few alternative reasons why your house doors might be sticking. By the end, Spencer is left with a freely functioning door, and the viewers of the video below are left with the knowledge to repair the doors in their own homes.

The only thing that will be difficult is figuring out which honey-do-list item to tackle next.



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