What Happens When You Give A Tiny Puppy A Swimming Pool? This Is The Cutest Thing Ever!


In just a few minutes, these adorable cockapoo puppies will melt your heart.

During one of their routine therapy dog training exercises, these 5-week-old pups are actually getting prepared by being exposed to many new things and situations. Therapy dogs are expected to visit new environments like hospitals, nursing homes, schools, detention facilities, and more, where they might encounter many distractions at once. Therefore, what could be confused as a puppy’s ultimate playground in this clip is actually the perfect setting for these pups to get fully equipped for the future.

For these puppies though, they are just getting started on their journey to becoming potential therapy dogs. In this adorable video, you get a firsthand look at these cockapoo pups as they explore their own personalized outdoor playground. What would seem to be the perfect distraction for these pups to get some practice in, has one fellow puppy in particular who is not as intrigued as the others.

When Freddy the cockapoo left this maze of fun, he decided to go out and look for his own kind of fun — or more like trouble in this case. What he ends up finding is a plastic swimming pool that has plenty of potential to be just as fun as the playground. When this curious pup decides put his front two paws in the pool to splash around, he soon finds himself getting stuck at the edge and winds up falling in. He might have been a little shaken up after the situation, but it doesn’t take him long to find his way out of this mess and back with his brothers and sisters again.

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