This Is What Happens When A Squirrel Eats One Too Many Rotten Crab Apples


What happens when a squirrel eats a few too many fermented crab apples? Well, he gets drunk (reallydrunk, to be precise). We’re talking stone drunk, to the point where he can barely make it through the snow. Every jump he tries makes him look like a failed Looney Tunes character, much like when some humans get too intoxicated.

(Don’t worry, the squirrel was perfectly fine once he slept off the crabapples.)
(source Sphios)
I feel for the poor little guy. I can’t help but wonder what being drunk and trying to climb on trees in the snow feels like, but I bet it’s pretty hard. I just want to hug him and say, “We’ve all been there, little dude”.

Now, someone please get him a glass of water and some Advil.



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