What Happens To This Tourist In Mexico Will Make You Never Want To Go On Vacation Again.


Ever wonder what else might be swimming in the open waters with you? Probably not, when you’re swimming in crystal clear waters. If you can see the bottom, you know there’s nothing there.

…but what if you’re wrong? What happened to this one tourist on vacation in Mexico will make you rethink swimming in any water, clear or not. A terrified family on a boat recorded the encounter:


If you like swimming in the open waters, you might want to not see this. Because you’ll certainly think twice before venturing into “wild” waters again.


(H/T: 9 News)

Thank goodness this alligator typically feeds off food left by tourists and locals. His slow approach was due to the fact he wasn’t hungry (and in fact had just eaten) and therefore was “full” when he came across this swimmer. Otherwise, those helpful tourists throwing a barrel would have had ZERO effect.

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