Harpo Marx Performs His Hilarious ‘Mirror Routine’ On ‘I Love Lucy’ In 1955


I received a lot of nice things from my family this past Christmas, but the one I was most excited about? A full box set of the I Love Lucy show. I’ve always wanted to watch the whole series from start to finish, and I am so glad to have the chance now! There are countless classic comedy moments packed into each episode of the original six seasons. I remember the first time I saw the iconic “chocolate factory” episode as a kid, and it still cracks me up today! As a groundbreaking force for female comedy, Lucille Ball will forever remain one of my biggest inspirations.

But before she made us all laugh at our TV sets, she spent time in the 1930s performing in more glamorous roles for several RKO Pictures films. One of those early gigs put her in the presence of established comedy legends, the Marx Brothers, as one of their leading ladies in 1938′s Room Service. Seventeen years later, she turned the tables by bringing one of those zany brothers to her own television studio for a delightful guest appearance on her show’s fourth season.

The episode shows Lucy dressing up as Harpo Marx, who famously sports similar colored curly locks, to fool her visually impaired friend into thinking she and her pal Ethel had really met and become besties with the mute Marx brother during their time in Hollywood. Of course, she never expected the real thing to show up in her home! Marx is just as shocked as she is to see his doppelgänger hiding behind a curtain, and the two begin a hilarious reenactment of Marx’s old “mirror routine” together.

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