He Slices The End Off A Pool Noodle For An Outdoor Trick That’s Perfect For The Summertime


Pool noodles are a must have for summer water fun, but did you know that they have countless other uses as well? What’s great too is that they’re cheap and easy to get your hands on. Not only do they have uses for the outdoors, but you can also bring pool noodles inside to solve some of life’s little headaches. Get ready, because the Household Hacker has 7 brilliant tricks for these long, spongy life-savers!

If you’ve ever had a huge bucket to fill, but only a small sink to work with – you know it’s pretty messy and near impossible to do so. However, if you have a pool noodle handy then problem solved! Simply slide an open end of the pool noodle over the faucet, and place the other end over your bucket. Viola! Another great way it can be used around the home is as an extension for your vacuum. By placing one end over your vacuum’s hose, you’ll be able to clean all of those hard to reach places with ease.

There are also creative ways to use pool noodles outdoors. Now that summer’s upon us, so’s being able to give your pooch a nice shower outside. By cutting off the end of a noodle, and following a few simple steps, you can actually create a little sprinkler for your dog that’s perfect for outdoor bath time. In fact, kids will love playing with it too! Watch the video below to learn how to create this summertime sprinkler – and also to find out more pool noodle tricks.



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