They Heard Cries For Two Nights Straight… They Never Expected THIS!


Out in the middle of the Wisconsin wilderness, a cabin owner become concerned after hearing what sounded like animal cries for two days straight. When she finally went out to investigate she couldn’t believe what she saw: two bear cub heads sticking out of the trunk of a dead tree. These sweet little bears appeared to be stuck and very scared.

With Mama Bear no where in sight, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the fire department were called to see if they could set these bears free. Authorities believe that the bears might have climbed into the tree and due to falling debris the trunk sealed off, leaving the bears stuck inside.

Fire officials were able to cut two holes into the trunk, where the cubs were able to escape. In just a matter of minutes the babies were given the medical OK from a wildlife rehab specialist, some water, and watermelon chunks, before they scampered off into the woods safe and sound.

The amazing story and their rescue can be seen in the video below.

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