He Hears Cries Under The Ground, But I Never Expected To See Who Climbs Out…


With so many homeless, helpless animals roaming around our vast planet, it’s impossible to help every single one in need.

Here at LittleThings, we love a good rescue story, but there is a big difference between rescuing an animal off the street or from a shelter than actually rescuing an animal in distress. You hear about the latter way less often, but that’s exactly why stories like this lucky dog being freed from the destruction of a mudslide in Guatemala can be so powerful.

All it takes is one hero to hear an animal’s cry to make all the difference. Luckily for the brave dog in the following video, that’s exactly what happened. Although we don’t know how the dog became trapped in a pipe underground somewhere in Portugal, we do know that it must have been a terrifying near-death experience. As the hero starts chipping away at the mud-caked pipe, we see that the dog is not alone. A second dog had also been trapped and succumbed to the elements.

An angel must have been watching over this dog from above, because just like the miracle dog who spent nine days trapped on a cliff, he defied all odds to survive.

This video may be difficult to watch, but I promise the ending is worthwhile. The moment at 8:17 put a huge smile on my face!

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