After A Heart Attack At 40, Normal Living Made No Sense To This Woman. What She Did Is Awesome.


Dee Williams only owns 305 possessions. That might not seem like much… but then consider what you have simply in your kitchen cabinets. You probably well exceed that number quickly.

She doesn’t own very much because she leads a very simple life in a very small house. Her home is only 84 square feet.

Ten years ago she was inspired to downsize (and she took downsizing seriously). Dee had a heart attack and was told she had cardiomyopathy, a fatal condition. Instead of paying a 30 year mortgage and stressing herself out with the upkeep of her three bedroom house, she sold it. She was going to enjoy life.

Learning to simplify your life and take things slowly can really add value and happiness to your days. Living in a tiny house certainly isn’t for everyone, but hearing about Dee’s journey is inspiring. If you’d like to learn more about her awesome project, buy her book!

(H/T New York Times)

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