Heartbroken Mom Gets Her Wish For A Photo Of Entire Family


Back in 2011, Katy Patten and her loving husband were excitedly expecting twins. Sadly, she began to go into labor at just 23 weeks. Though the twin babies had heartbeats, after just a few days on this earth, their young Aiden and Gavin tragically passed away.

Though the parents didn’t get the chance to see their twin boys grow up, both of them are still very much within their hearts and souls.

The family has a a memory wall which includes the footprints of the twins; however, they wanted to make sure that their other two precious children, little Giuliana and 3-year-old Ava, got the chance to stand side-by-side with their brothers in a family photo.

Though Aiden and Gavin couldn’t be there for the photo, their spirits certainly were! And just likethe photo of the father who had passed away, to help the whole family heal through these trying times, they finally have a picture of the whole family up on their wall.

Linda Gittins, owner of Lulu B. Photography helped set up the shot, and with the help of her 4-year-old neighbors, she managed to add something very special to this beautiful family portrait.


Please check out the photos below of the amazing Patten family.

While the Patten family celebrates the birth of their beautiful baby girl Giuliana, their hearts will always feel the heaviness of the loss of their twin boys Aiden and Gavin.


Along with their 3-year-old, Ava, this beautiful family keeps a memory wall of all their children, including the two sons that they lost far too early.


But just to make sure that both of their girls never forget their twin brothers, Mom came up with a beautiful idea…


Now they can have a photograph of the WHOLE family. And they’ll always know that though Aiden and Gavin may be gone, they will never be forgotten!


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