Helpful Tips On Reviving Stale Food


Sometimes, we overdo it at the grocery store. We buy more food than we can eat and it ends up going stale and being tossed into the trashcan. This is a waste of both food and money, and it may not be necessary, because some foods that you think are no longer edible can be salvaged. In the below excerpt from an episode of the Rachael Ray Show, the host’s guest, Sara Moulton, has pointers for reviving stale foods. This is a great video for everyone as it teaches some kitchen tricks and will hopefully help save a bit of money.

Sara starts with a stale loaf of bread – a food item that often doesn’t get finished and ends up turning hard as a rock. But Sara insists that you shouldn’t be so quick to throw it away., because not all hope is lost. She puts the baguette under cold running water and then wraps it up in foil before heating it in the over for just about 10 minutes. When she takes it out? Phenomenal.

According to the Society of St. Andrew, almost 40% of food readied for consumption goes to waste in the United States. On top of that, the country spends nearly one billion dollars disposing of food waste. Being resourceful with your (extra) food is good for society and good for your wallet. There are 805 million undernourished people in the world today, according to the World Food Programme; the excessive waste in our country serves only to highlight that number.

Watch the video below to see a couple tips on reviving stale food. Will you try these techniques at home? Leave us a comment and let us know.



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