Here’s How To Make Cool Jell-O Candy Out Of Powerade


I‘m no stranger to some pretty unusual things you can do with food. For instance, grape jelly might not be the first thing you think about when you’re ready to whip up some meatballs, but you should really give it a try! And even though your mom probably always told you not to have ice cream for breakfast, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying some nutritious popsicles in the morning.

This recipe, however, makes them both seem like completely normal meal options. It’s not so much that the method of turning liquids into Jell-O is anything that far out of left field, but the end result will probably mess with your mind. Watching her put the ingredients together is pretty hypnotizing with the music pumping in the background. I don’t even eat the stuff myself, but I couldn’t look away while she mixed it all up!

She starts with your average sports drink in a beautiful blue color. Then, after carefully removing the label, she pours it into a bowl while combining several packets of gelatin and water in a separate bowl. The gooey mixture is microwaved and blended into the sports drink, which she then pours right back into the original bottle.

Once it’s had time to chill in the fridge, she takes it out and slices it to form a truly unique snack!

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