Hero Dad Saves Daughter From Sexual Predator She Met Online


It’s every parent’s worst nightmare, and for one Los Angeles father, it became a harsh reality.

Earlier this summer, Tim walked into his 12-year-old daughter’s room in the middle of the night and realized she wasn’t there. To make matters worse, her bedroom window was cracked open. Frantically, Tim and his older son began searching throughout the neighborhood. Finally, they found his daughter – just moments before she got into a truck with a strangershe’d met online.

Tim pulled the man out of the vehicle, then used his self-defense skills to knock the man to ground. He quickly took a photo of the stranger’s face, then held him on the ground until police arrived. The man was arrested and accused of meeting up with a child with intentions to commit a sexual act, and sending harmful matter to a minor.

As it turned out, the man met his daughter online after setting up fake profiles and pretending to be a 15-year-old boy. In reality, the man was 27. He had been speaking sexually to Tim’s daughter and sending her lewd photos of himself.

Tim has prohibited his daughter from using social media sites. He warns parents that if this could happen to him, it could happen to others. “What I’ve gained from my interaction with this guy is I don’t think she would’ve ever came home alive,” he says.

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