Hero pig rescues drowning goat in viral video


arm animals seem to be all the rage these days. There is no wonder why this video uploaded to Youtube in Sep. 2012, went viral with close to 9.5 million views currently. You’ll see a what appears to be a frightened goat struggling in the water and a man remarking, “Goat in the water!”

A “Hero pig,” as referenced by the man in the video, shows up to save the day and get the goat out of trouble.

What is the lesson here? Only swim in water if an adorable little pig is nearby—just in case. I mean, imagine the story this goat got to share with his farm friends back home. Or maybe he was a little embarrassed, but either way, this video will have you watching it at least twice.

It was later revealed by Comedy Central that the viral video was staged in an attempt to bring attention to the Glen Oak Petting Zoo. Hilariously, the original pig chosen for the act “was an incredible coward,” Nathan from Comedy Central said in the video that revealed how they performed the act.

Comedy Central’s reveal video, shares Nathan had all members involved in the production sign non-disclosures to keep everything to themselves “or else they would face the death penalty.” Nathan goes on to explain in the video that his lawyers said it wouldn’t hold up in court.

Although staged, the result is undeniably adorable.



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