Heroes Rescue A Pit Bull Who Survived Years Of Dogfighting


Sam was born a fighter.

Unfortunately for Sam and many dogs like him, he was forced into fighting for all the wrong reasons. Like this dog who was rescued from unthinkable conditions, this sweet pit bull was born into a life of dogfighting and although this champion survived the unthinkable, he wears the unfortunate marks of his victories all over his face.

At first glance, Sam may look like a monster, but the real monsters are the evil people who caused him such harm to appear this way. Although this tough guy has likely killed and been a very dangerous dog in the past, his story proves that one’s past should never truly define their future. Most dogs rescued from dogfighting rings are not as lucky as Sam, whose story was shared with the amazing heroes at Humane Society of the United States and was taken out of his heartbreaking situation.

We’ve seen the permanent damage dogfighting causes, and it’s one of many reasons that this terrible activity is illegal. The heroes say that champion Sam’s hard-won victories are permanently written on his face. However, after a lifetime of suffering, Sam finally got top prize — his freedom. It’s so amazing that an animal so tortured by society can still be loving, kind and gentle…tail wags and all!

This dog’s story proves that there are no bad dogs, only bad owners!

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