He’s LIVE On The Air, So When He Gets THIS Phone Call, He Completely Breaks Down…


Ever since we fell in love with him as a former musician turned high school teacher on The Steve Harvey Show, comedy king Steve Harvey has always been good for a guaranteed laugh.

However, his talk show Steve Harvey, which premiered back in 2012, introduced us to a different side of the funny man, who has kept us laughing throughout the years, like in this epic clip from when he was hostingFamily Feud.

I always love peeking into the lives of celebrities to see what they’re really like, so when I saw this clip of Harvey breaking down in tears on his own birthday after seeing the house he grew up in, it changed my opinion of the comedian forever.

Unlike a lot of celebrities who have made it big, Harvey remembers his humble beginnings and the people who helped his career along the way, and that fact couldn’t be more obvious than in this next clip.

When Harvey’s producers told him they had a surprise caller on the line, he had absolutely no idea it would be a ghost from his past. You can only imagine the emotional overload when Harvey sees Rich Liss on the screen, a man from Orlando, FL who took a chance on him when he was broke and struggling early on in his career.

Check out the old friends’ touching reunion and see what the star has planned for Liss and his wife. This is guaranteed to make you smile…and maybe even call up a friend from your past!

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