He’s NOT A Normal 6-Year-Old — What He Has To Say Is Breaking Hearts Around The World.


Grant is an amazing little boy who wants the world to know that even though he was born different, he is exactly like every other six-year-old.

When I heard these words come out of this child’s mouth, I was immediately moved to tears. How can someone so young be so wise and know so much about love?

Grant was born with a form of dwarfism called diastrophic dysplasia. Or, as he puts it, he’s a little person. Many people assume Grant and his little brother are twins because they are about the same size. You would expect this to hurt a little boy’s feelings, since he’s five years older than his baby brother, but what Grant has to say about his size is completely inspiring.

In the following video, which Grant’s mom, Amy Pearce, posted to YouTube, Grant humbles us with his own beautiful words. “My wish for the world is that everyone can love one another,” Grant says. “We’re are all just people doing our very best.”

He may be small and he may be young, but there’s no denying Grant has the biggest heart. This boy is bound to make you smile…and change the way you see others.

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