Hilarious Cats Remind Us Why Dieting Is The Worst


Every one of us knows it well: that plaguing, awful feeling in the pit of your stomach when you’re starving for carbohydrates or sugar and your brain reminds you softly that you’re on a diet, that you can’t have whatever it is your taste buds are craving.

And there are any number of reasons to forgo reaching for comfort foods. Perhaps you’re trying to tone up or get yourself back into better shape. Maybe it’s a health thing recommended by your practitioner. Or maybe, you just kind of feel like kicking those nagging food habits in favor of some healthier ones. Whatever the reason, it’s never especially easy.

And that’s precisely what makes the following video so hysterical.

“What I’m Like On A Diet” captures exactly that — with a bit of goofy cat anthropomorphism for good humor. We watch a cat bat around a leafy green with heavy disappointment, much like we have when parked in front of our light-dressing salads (hold the croutons). And the eagerness with which a fluffy white kitty goes after a grilled cheese is probably all of us after the first few days of a newly established diet. Whatever your plight, take solace in this hilarious video.

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