Hilarious Video Shows A Man Using A Shampoo Prank On Unsuspecting Beachgoers


These beachgoers are in for a rude awakening and they do not even realize it. As they each step up to the beachside showers to wash their hair, they do not realize a prankster is about to make them go a little crazy. Just as they think they have washed all of the shampoo from their hair, this guy pours more, making them extremely confused. You won’t believe what happens as the video progresses and the prank goes down!

To make matters worse for these poor people, a cop arrives just when they are full of shampoo and can barely even see. The cop threatens them with a ticket and it is quite hilarious to watch their reactions. When they found out they were only being pranked, they seem so relieved! This is one of the funniest videos you will watch today. After you laugh, Please SHARE on Facebook so others can too.



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