Hippos Help A Tiny Lost Duckling Climb Out Of A Pond


The hippopotamus isn’t known for being the most friendly animal in the world.

In fact, the water-loving animal is very unpredictable and one of the most dangerous mammals living in Africa, according to National Geographic.

While hippos are mostly herbivores, their aggressive nature could be dangerous to other animals. So, I’m sure it’s easy to think the worst before watching the video below. Yet, what happens will actually bring a smile to your face.

Animals helping each other out is nothing new. For example, we’ve shown you the bird who made it easy for his dog friend to get some treats and the dog who wanted to help an injured bird. The video below is even greater proof of these unique animal moments.

The clip shows a duckling struggling after he fell into a pond at the Blijdorp Zoo in Holland. After several attempts to jump out, the little duck can’t make the leap despite how hard he flaps his wings.

Eventually two hippos swims over to the duck and follow it around the pond for a little while. Wait till you see what happens at the 1:36 mark, you’ll understand why one commenter wrote, “helpful hippos.”

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