Homeless Man Risks His Life To Save A Police Officer


Apolice officer from the Dallas Police Department was brutally attacked by an out-of-control man believed to be high on drugs. He could’ve died had it not be for an unexpected hero: a homeless man named Charles Alexander.

Video footage shows Officer Billy Taylor trying to defend himself as Samuel Dewey Jackson approaches him and eventually starts attacking him in the middle of the street.

“He went straight for the officer, and the officer had his baton out,” Alexander, who is also a former gang member, told CBS 11 News. “But it wasn’t doing any good.”

That’s when Alexander stepped in to help the police officer, much like the teenager who protected a female cop while she was pumping gas. Footage shows him charging at Jackson and ripping him away the cop.

“He really went ballistic. He was going after anybody that got in front of him,” Alexander said of the assaulter.

Other homeless people witnessed Alexander’s heroic act and praised him for doing all he could to save the police officer.

“He’s a good man and that was blessing what he did, to step up like that,” said Andre Collins.

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