His Horse Is Fighting For Her Life, But When He Says THIS To Her, I Broke Down…


When you’re an animal owner, you have to be ready for anything, but there’s no way anyone could have anticipated what happens in this next video…

we’ve just about seen it all when it comes to dramatic rescues. We love sharing stories likethis one of a baby fox who got stuck behind a fence not just because of the cute animals in them, but to celebrate the brave and selfless heroes who go above and beyond to make sure animals are safe.

While some people — such as this hero, who grabbed a shark by its fin and pulled it to safety — risk their own lives to help animals, we know it doesn’t matter what kind of animal rescuer you are, just as long as you do the right thing when you help a suffering animal.

We don’t see too many horse rescues, but when we do, they are usually pretty dramatic. In the following video, a farmer shares what he describes as the most dramatic situation he’s ever been in in his 13 years of farming. After one of his horses broke through a fence and into a garage where he repairs cars, she fell through wooden boards on the floor and became trapped in a small space below the ground.

No matter what the horse did, she couldn’t get out on her own and there was very little the farmer could do to help. He was able to calm her down, but she must have been very distressed, as he says she’s dying around the 8:50 mark. The farmer left the horse overnight, before firefighters and a veterinarian arrived to help. Finally, with a little hay and a lot of help, the horse was able to lift herself up so the men could pull her out.

The horse ran right off after her rescue and, amazingly, made a full recovery.

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