These Hummingbirds Nearly Froze To Death – But The Most Amazing Thing Happened!


Hummingbirds in Sedona, Arizona are a common occurrence. In fact, the city even has an annual Sedona Hummingbird Festival in their honor. And even though the Hummingbird population in Sedona can be predicted, the weather here cannot.

On one particular night, Sedona experiences a bitter cold with temps hitting below freezing. It was enough to potentially threaten the lives of these amazing creatures. Luckily, one wonderful man who has befriended a couple of these beloved birds people rigged up a heated feeding station for two birds named Rocky and Adrian. Just watch how the birds react to the special surprise — the man was shocked the birds enjoyed themselves so much on their toasty new seat!

This wonderful video, which was sent from a PetFlow reader, made our hearts skip a beat. No creature is too small to receive love and care.

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