Husband Films Pregnant Wife In The Kitchen, But They *Freak Out* When THIS Happens!


You’ve seen Miley Cyrus “twerk” before, but have you ever seen a 9-month pregnant woman do it? I can honestly say this is the first time I have, and the ending is something I never expected…

Here, we meet a fun-loving couple hanging out at home. The husband is advising his wife to stop cleaning the kitchen, put down the mop and just sit down and relax — but his wife is hellbent on stirring up some trouble. She asks him to put on that song she likes — Sade’s hit song, “No Ordinary Love.”

“You know I’m videotaping you, right?” he asks. “Good. You need to,” she says confidently. And for the next two minutes, she breaks into a sexy, seductive dance for the camera. She’s got some pretty impressive moves — so impressive, in fact, that at the very end of the video hubby drops the camera. But I won’t give it away…

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