Husband Surprises Wife With New Puppy


oping with the loss of a dog – your best friend and companion – is a difficult process, full of grief, sorrow, and sadness. A dog is very much a member of their family, so their passing is expected to hit hard in the heart. In coping with their loss, it’s important to express your feelings and speak with those who have gone through a similar situation. The grieving process may take time, but its ultimate goal is helping you come to terms with what’s happened.

When YouTuber Alan Jacksons’s wife lost her dog, she was devastated. To help alleviate her grief and suffering, Alan did perhaps the only thing that could lift her spirits at the time – he got her a new puppy. Fittingly, Alan handed over the Golden Retriever on Christmas Day, much to his wife’s delight. Watch the surprise unfold below and be sure to SHARE the video on Facebook.



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