Identical Triplets Survive Rare Virus After Rigorous Testing Process


Stacey and Bryan of Stratford, WI were shocked to learn they had naturally conceived three identical boys. It’s truly a one-in-a-million chance. On October 17, 2014, all three babies — Mason, Logan and Dylan — were delivered healthy. But within a month, Dylan began acting strange. He’d stop breathing for periods of time and fall limp like a rag doll. That same day, Mason and Logan began experiencing the same symptoms.

While Stacey and Bryan prayed for a diagnosis, doctors simply couldn’t find one. That’s when Doctor Edward Fernandez heralded the largest amount of tests his hospital has ever performed on newborn babies.

Thus began a rigorous process, which included endless feeding cycles and a slew of metabolic tests, disease tests, and MRI tests. Stacey and Brian were steadfast in trying to help the doctors find a diagnosis, which doctors say is what all parents should do during a situation like this. They asked question after question, conducted their own research, and reached out to other parents about various illnesses. And just when the triplets began having seizures, doctors sent out one final test — which ended up solving the mystery, once and for all.

Watch the video below to learn the triplets’ rare diagnosis, and why Stacey says the three boys ended up saving each other in the process… and please SHARE this with your friends on Facebook!



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