He Was Ignored His Entire Life – Until This VERY Moment. Everyone Should See This, I’m Blown Away.


I’m absolutely floored by this video. At first, we see someone on a busy street dressed up like an adorable, cuddly bear – and random passerbys are very excited to meet him, and give him a huge bear hug. The smiles are endless, one after one. At the end of the video though, the bear removes his bear head, and we see who was inside the costume all along. Fabian is handicapped, and many people with whom he comes into contact ignore him every single day; the passenger seat in the public bus next to Fabian often stays empty. Not everyone is as empathetic to Fabian when he’s not wearing a costume.

This video encourages us to get closer to one another, and to never judge a book by its cover. I’m so inspired!

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