I’m FLOORED By What This Woman Did To Save A Drowning Bull. There Are Amazing People In This World!!


When a man found a 20-year-old bull barely breathing in the Palm River Retention Pond, an amazing rescue story began. As soon as a brave local deputy named Christina arrived to the scene, she didn’t hesitate to jump into the water with the 1000-pound bull, and what she did next was incredible. For three hours, the deputy held the bull’s head above water while crews worked to save it from drowning. As other rescue workers stood and watched for gators in the water, and fire rescue slowly tugged the bull to safety, there was Christina, holding the head of a massive bull to keep him from drowning. These people are absolute heroes, and this deputy is wonderful.

And get this – this bull had an owner, but he never had a name. Now, because of these heroes, he does have a name: Lucky. Simply incredible.

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