Improbable Black Bear Rescue


In Alligator Point, Florida, a black bear sighting had the neighborhood inhabitants scrambling. Local wildlife officers were immediately called in to alleviate the situation by trapping the bear and removing it from the residence. An officer arrive at the scene and decided that the best way to handle the situation was to tranquilize it before safely relocating it.

But after being hit with a tranquilizer dart, the black bear panicked and fled the scene. Woozy, it made its way to the ocean where it took a dive and began to swim towards the gulf. As the bear navigated the waters, the full effect of the dart kicked in and the bear had troubles staying afloat. That’s when an unlikely hero emerged to rectify the situation.

Adam Warwick, biologist with the Wildlife Commission, recognized the danger that the bear was in. Without hesitation, Warwick leaped into the water after the bear, not wanting to see the poor thing drown. Warwick stayed calm in the face of danger as he grabbed hold of the bear, which lunged and clawed at Adam, just hoping to get its head above water.

Onlookers were stunned to see the man carrying a 400-pound black bear towards shore. After a perilous journey, the pair made it back to land. Adam was unscathed and unfazed, as the groggy bear finally went down. Wildlife officers were able to transport it back to safety in the Osceola National Forest. Let us know what you thought about this remarkable story and be sure to SHARE the video on Facebook!



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