Incredible Time Lapse Of Brushing A Samoyed Dog


The Samoyed breed flaunts a thick, double coat of fur, excellent for cold weather conditions. This also means that they require a fair deal of grooming. Sam, the dog in the video below, seems to be at ease while his owner gives him a thorough, much needed brushing. The time lapse shows just how much work is required to do this, and how much hair this dog has. It’s remarkable.

Samoyeds are playful, intelligent dogs. According to the American Kennel Club, Samoyeds originated in Siberia and were used to hunt, herd reindeer, and pull sleighs. Oftentimes they would also act as guard dogs. Their thick coat came in handy during the harsh winters. Samoyeds were a cherished breed, thanks to their loyalty and outgoing personality.

The video is evidence of how gentle the breed is. During the lengthy grooming session Sam is compliant and content. I could only imagine how difficult this would be if the dog started to act up. Check out the video below to see Sam’s brushing and his overwhelming amount of fur. Could you handle the maintenance that a Samoyed needs? What kind of grooming does your dog require?


Source: CarebDude and AKC




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