Incredible Weight Loss In Just One Year


The year was 2012. Kaitlyn Smith was 16 years old and weighed 414 pounds. She was depressed and despondent, preparing for gastric bypass surgery in hopes of alleviating some of the issues that obesity had brought upon her. But one trip to the doctor changed everything. Kaitlyn didn’t end up going through with the surgery; rather, she took things into her own hands.

Prior to her planned surgery, Kaitlyn visited with the doctor who she said acted very rude and told the teenager that she would never look normal. She opted not to go through with it and instead began exercising and regulating her diet. After a year she’d lost sixteen pounds, but that wasn’t the least bit satisfying for her. “I was alive, but I wasn’t living,” she wrote on her website.

Kaitlyn’s parents then reached out to trainer Kina Wald who helped her undergo a complete lifestyle change. Kina helped the teenager develop a clean, healthy diet and a strict workout routine. Consistency was key for Kaitlyn, who followed her workout calendar with precision and never made excuses. Before long she could see the progress and couldn’t have been happier.

“Now, I love my life and for once, I feel like a normal teenager. I was even finally able to get my license! I’M LIVING, not just breathing.” Kaitlyn’s journey should serve as an inspiration to those who have faced similar struggles. There’s a lesson to be learned here, we knew this was a valuable video to share with our viewers. Let us know your thoughts on it and please SHARE it on your Facebook page.



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