Inseparable Strays Rescued Together, Reveal The True Meaning Of Friendship.


When Annie Hart, founder of the animal rescue organization Rescue from the Hart, arrived on scene to rescue two small dogs that had been abandoned on the streets of East Los Angeles, judging by their demeanor she thought this rescue was going to be a walk in the park. As soon as she threw some food on the sidewalk, both dogs immediately sparked an interest and went straight of the food.

It was obvious from the start these two dogs were a team. They stayed right by each other’s side and when the male would get a little too close for comfort to Annie, the female would bark orders at him to get back. Annie knew immediately that they had to change their game plan if they wanted to successfully rescue the dogs. It was clear to everyone that the female dog had to be caught first in order to avoid the pair from running off.

The rescue team set up a baited cage and waited until the female dog walked completely inside. It took a few tries, several baiting attempts and a lot of patience, but eventually the team was able to fool the female. Miraculously, the male refused to leave his lady counter part’s side. As soon as she was trapped in the cage, he no longer fought to stay free and allowed the rescuing team to take him with them. Clearly, there was nothing but love and devotion between these two!

After getting a few tick and flea baths, some food and water, and much needed TLC, this amazing couple, now called Monica and Chandler, are looking for their forever home.

To get more information about the happy couple, check out Rescue from the Hart and Hands, Paws & Hearts, a organization that is providing the foster care for these two sweethearts.

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