I’ve NEVER Been More Jealous Of Someone’s Dance Moves. I’m Mesmerized.


Let me preface this with a WARNING… I can not stop watching this video and it’s making me feel pretty terrible about my own dance moves (or lack thereof). This talented dancer calls himself JustSomeMoves. How coy, isn’t he? When the music starts up, this guy turns into a dancing machine that truly blew me away. You have to see it to believe it… again… and again.

The craziest part about this dancer? He’s improvising the entire routine. I tried to repeat some of his amazing moves and I just couldn’t get the rhythm down. I guess it’s just something you have inside you or you don’t This guy is so smooth, he makes it look simple. Prepare to be amazed, ladies and gentlemen, this is truly something else! Please SHARE if you love his fresh dancing style.




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