I’ve Seen A Lot Of Married Couples And I’ve NEVER Seen One Like This. It’s Truly Unbelievable.


Real marriages and relationships aren’t fairy tales. There is true love, but there are also some surprises, hurdles and tragedies that most people don’t see coming. Ahmad and Fatima were presented with situations in life that would be enormous challenges for most people. Ahmad and Fatima, a newly married couple, are each disabled. Ahmad can’t use his arms and Fatima is missing her legs, but together they complete each other… in so many ways.

Source: Bin’s Corner

Their marriage is not like most other love stories or fairy tales, but it is very special. Let both Ahmad and Fatima inspire you to make the most of your situation. Not only that, but appreciate the loved ones you have in your life. Without them, it would be more different than you could ever imagine. Share their inspirational story with others by clicking on the button below.



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