Jimmy Fallon Suffers Near-Amputation After A Freak Wedding Band Accident


Late night host Jimmy Fallon was back in his seat at The Tonight Show this week, after a surprise two-week hiatus. While his fans were no doubt disappointed to lose their nightly entertainment for a fortnight, once you watch this video, you’ll feel fairly certain that it’s Jimmy Fallon who got the raw end of this deal, much like he did when comparing accents with Helen Mirren.

No, the funnyman was not on vacation. He was in the ICU of a New York City hospital after suffering a freak accident that led to something called a “ring avulsion.” We advise you not to Google that; the resulting images are very graphic. Instead, we bit the bullet and did it for you. Here are the bullet points: 1) It’s normally sustained by people who wear a wedding band. 2) It involves the dislocation and occasional self-amputation of the finger. 3) It looks highly, highly painful.

Even Mr. Fallon, a world-renowned comedian, had difficulty putting a funny spin on his grotesque injury, and we’re talking about a man who once spent five solid minutes laughing at ahat. Waxing sentimental, the usually lighthearted TV star devoted several minutes of Monday’s show to explaining how he got the injury, his prognosis, and just how grateful he is to be back behind the desk of The Tonight Show. At least it sounds like he got in some quality binge-watching time during his sick leave, so…not a total loss!

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